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Product Image SureStrike™ IR Ultimate LE Edition

SureStrike™ IR Ultimate LE Edition

$ 208.05

Use your pistol and AR-15 rifle - 4 calibers in one training system!

Train like a professional. As professionals we know you need to train with what you use and carry. The SureStrikeTM Ultimate IR LE Edition kit contains the 4 most popular calibers in one compact training kit. Our affordable laser training system allows you to train with your AR-15 and carry pistol. With the cost of ammo and long duty shifts getting in the way of range time, our kit allows you to set up a dry fire range practically anywhere.

Load the SureStrikeTM cartridge in your weapon following our included user guide. When you dry fire the SureStrikeTM emits an eye safe shot of invisible infrared laser light. You get instant visual feedback of shot placement on your L.A.S.R. software or Aimwell targets. This immediate feedback from the SureStrikeTM transforms regular plain dry fire into a powerful learning experience. Where the original Ultimate LE Edition system emits a shot of visible red laser light giving instant visual feedback, the IR Ultimate LE Edition adds an extra layer of difficulty by using an infrared laser instead.

The SureStrikeTM IR Ultimate training kit contains:

  • 223 for AR-15 SureStrikeTM IR laser cartridge and pipe
  • 9mm SureStrikeTM Dual Function cap — 5,000 additional shots!
  • 40S&W caliber adapter
  • 45ACP caliber adapter
  • Safety system
  • Extension pipe
  • Camouflage Carrying case
  • User Guide

Without a visible laser indicator you must trust your sight picture and trigger control. When combined with the L.A.S.R. Pro Software and IR webcam or the AIMWELL Targets they can detect the IR laser pulse and give you instant hit feedback with an audible tone. The L.A.S.R. Pro Software also allows you to take control of your training by keeping track of shot placement and times even allowing you to save your targets and accomplishments.