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About Us

AnytimeAmmo is owned and operated by a US Military veteran and active shooter. We  thrive on helping Law enforcement and gun owners, in  upstate New York and around the Globe,  to become better shooters while saving time, money, and ammunition.

As an authorized distributor for Laser-Ammo, I also believe in the core values and mission statement of Laser-Ammo.as stated below:

First and foremost, we are shooters. Laser Ammo is owned and operated by Israeli and US Military veterans who are dedicated to providing serious training to serious people.

Our technical team works tirelessly to bring our customers the most advanced training technology and highest quality available with one singular goal: creating better shooters.

Among our customers are military units, law enforcement agencies, NRA instructors, and thousands of private firearms owners around the world. People who own guns and want to learn to shoot them faster and more accurately. People just like you.

That’s who we’re working for, this is what we do:

  • We will always feature the newest and most advanced technology.
  • We will always provide the best value while maintaining the highest quality.
  • We are here to listen, guide, and assist you in every way we can.
  • We look to inspire and be inspired by our customers.
  • We will stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee.