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Product Image Surestrike Mag Double Stack Glock- Smart Reset magazine with laser

Surestrike Mag Double Stack Glock- Smart Reset magazine with laser

$ 299.95

SureStrikeMAG™ Glock Double Stack


Smarter Dry Fire with Your Handgun!

The SureStrikeMAG™ is a revolutionary product that combines the Smart DryFireMag by DryFireMag®, LLC and the original SureStrike™ laser cartridge by Laser Ammo. This product allows you to train with your own pistol without the need of racking the slide or replacing the trigger. Like all of our laser products, they provides instant feedback with an eye safe Red or IR laser. You can use the SureStrikeMAG™ with any of the Laser Ammo reactive targets and simulators, and improve your shooting skills in a realistic, safe and fun way.

***Check gun compatibility list below to ensure the SureStrikeMAG™ double stack will work for you and your Glock. Order yours today and experience the difference of the SureStrikeMAG™!

The SureStrike™ 9mm laser cartridge comes in two options - Red (Visible) or IR (Invisible/InfraRed) lasers. Keep in mind if you plan to use with the Smokeless Range, you will need the IR laser. Otherwise, either will help kick start your dry fire practice to improve your firearms skills.  

The Package includes the Smart DryFireMag and our Optic SureStrike Laser. The original Dry Fire Mag (sold by DryFireMag, LLC) will NOT work with any of the SureStrike Laser Cartridges.