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Product Image M RANGE


$ 237.50

The closest thing to a full home range, includes up to 4 different lanes A must have for retail stores, simulator ranges, police departments and NRA trainers. The M-Range is a course of fire, qualification training software that allows you to build your own course of fire and train up to 4 shooters at the same time. This is an add on to the Smokeless Range judgmental simulator that takes the shooter to the next level of training – by bringing the shooting range to your own home. Order today and get it via email so you can start practicing immediately!

    • Build and edit your own course of fire.
    • Enables you to practice your department’s course of fire before going to a live range.
    • Simulates traditional turning targets
    • Up to 4 shooters at a time
    • Control your edge and face time for each stage per your training regimen
    • Train with Laser Ammo products, dry fire or Airsoft
    • Free updates  

Download the M-Range and try for free today! Link to download: http://www.smokelessdownload.com/index.html User Manual:https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6qxul9t6c7sc58/M-Range%20User%20Manual.pdf?dl=1 .