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Product Image SureStrike 38 Special / 357 IR Cartridge

SureStrike 38 Special / 357 IR Cartridge

$ 113.95

Load the 38 Special / 357 IR cartridge into the cylinder and shoot. There is no need to use the safety pipe and nut with a 38 Special/ 357 IR cartridge. The 38 cap that is part of the 38 Special/ 357 IR cartridge, is interchangeable with all of the other back caps that Laser ammo offers (DB, TA etc). Where the original SureStrike™ 38 Special/357 Cartridge emits a shot of visible red laser light giving instant visual feedback, the SureStrike™ 38 Special/357 IR Cartridge adds an extra layer of difficulty by using an infrared laser instead.

Without a visible laser indicator you must trust your sight picture and trigger control. When combined with the L.A.S.R. Pro Software and IR webcam or the AIMWELL Targets they can detect the IR laser pulse and give you instant hit feedback with an audible tone. The L.A.S.R. Pro Software also allows you to take control of your training by keeping track of shot placement and times even allowing you to save your targets and accomplishments.

Offer Includes:

  • .38SP/357 IR Cartridge
  • Battery Pack