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Product Image 10mm Adapter Ring

10mm Adapter Ring

$ 12.99

Use this adapter ring to convert your 9mm SureStrikeTM into a 10mm laser cartridge. Simply thread the 10mm Adapter ring onto the SureStrikeTM 9mm cartridge, install the pipe and nut and you are good to go! This adapter allows you to expand your 9mm Kit so you can train with your favorite 10mm caliber pistol.

No tools needed.

Important: All pistol adapters require the use of a safety pipe and nut. 

This adapter is used to convert the SureStrikeTM 9mm Cartridge for use in a 10mm caliber pistol.
This item includes:

  • 10mm adapter ring
  • User guide

Important: All semi auto pistol adapters rings require the use of a safety pipe and nut.

Other available pistol caliber adapters are: 40S&W, 45ACP, 45GAP, 357SIG.