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25 Jan '15

Tactical pistol Shooting dry fire training

Posted by John Hogan in Tactical dry fire training
While looking into various different training methods to improve gun owners abilities to hit the target everytime, I came across an excellent book written by Erik Lawrence and Mike Pannone called Tactical pistol shooting. Not only is it filled with guides , tactics, and techniques to become proficient with pistols, it emphasizes the point to train more and fight less:

"If you choose a firearm for personal protection, you have an obligation to perform to a significantly higher level. Carrying any weapon brings with it a higher legal, moral, and ethical standard. The armed citizen must be cognizant of his surroundings; he must be able to anticipate and avoid, if possible, any potentially dangerous situations. If an armed citizen is unable to avoid a lethal confrontation, he must be able to devote his entire being to resolving the situation at hand. And he must posses the self-control necessary to know when and how to use,or how not to use, Deadly Physical Force"

Train Safe, Train Often, Train Hard, and Fight Less