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25 Nov '14

Police Agencies suffering from lack of ammunition , Feds snap up bullets Sunday Gazette 11/16/2014

Posted by John Hogan

Sick and tired of competing with government agencies for ammunition?  Capital District law enforcement agencies are.

If you do manage to get .40, .45ACP, or even more difficult .45 GAP round, are you sick of handing over your paycheck for minimal amounts of ammunition?  What about waiting lists to get into Gun clubs because you need a safe place to practice and maintain your shootings skills and proficiency. Each day it becomes that much more difficult to train and maintain your shooting skills.

If you answered yes to any of those questions , try training with the Surestrike laser cartridge. Training with the Surestrike helps you improve your eye-hand coordination and muscle memory, and enables you to immediately see how well you shoot. With the sure strike laser cartridge, you will perform dry fire drills correctly and prevent the development of bad habits.

What about recoil. Is training with no recoil or sound good for anything? Dry fire practice is intended to root shooting technique into the trainee. Drawing, chambering, body stability, acquiring the target, sighting and pulling the trigger are all done BEFORE the recoil occurs. The absence of recoil is actually what enables the "sterile" environment needed for a good learning process. Even the bullet's impact point is derived only from pre recoil movements.  However, one of the most common shooting errors is flinching, the unwilling movement of the body prior to a shot in anticipation of recoil. Extensive dry fire practice is considered the best way to train against this happening.

The 9m surestrike cartridge is the basic component of the entire training package and will fit most weapons.  Converting the 9m to .40, .45, 45ACP, .45GAP, 45 Long colt, 38 special, .357, .223, .30-06, .308, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge takes only seconds and is guaranteed for a minimum of 5000 shots


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