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Product Image Gun Shot Box

Gun Shot Box

$ 2,775.00





The gunSHOT BOX™ is the latest training aid designed to equip and train first responders and civilians how to quickly respond during active threats and shootings.  This electric system creates unlimited realistic sounds, flashes and concussions of real gunfire.  Complete with ear safe 125 db shots without the use of blanks, speakers, or expendables.  This is a must for any active shooter training or scenarios.

This kit contains 2 key fob remotes with 3 different settings and the interface for your Smokeless Range® that will bring your training with the Video Scenarios to a whole new level of hyperrealism.

It is as simple as telling the system at what point in the video scenario you want synchronized realistic gunshots and stand back and watch the trainee's heart rate go up as the shots are fired.

The gunSHOT BOX™ can be activated automatically with VST-P 2.0 when the bad guy in the video is shooting, or by the trainer with the key fob at any time.  This can be paired with any other Smokeless Range Add on or Laser Ammo reactive targets, to simulate the trainee’s shots or to add more realism as if someone shooting at them.

As the gunSHOT BOX™ is very portable, users will be able to easily move the units from room to room and wirelessly control them as they run CQB or take it stand-alone for your Active Shooter training and response drills.


How does the gunSHOT BOX™ work?

This is a physics phenomenon achieved by charging up a series of capacitors and creating a small arc between electrodes that ionizes the air just before the system releases a larger electrostatic discharge and “muzzle flash/bang”. In fact, you see a large version of this in nature during a lightning storm, but this is happening in 6 little heat-resistant chambers in a controlled and repeatable environment. The system will not trigger smoke alarms


Main Benefits

  • No Expendables, Speakers Or Refills - Endless gunshots on-demand.
  • Precise Remote Fire -Trigger gunshot sequences remotely through walls or down hallways. 75-150 ft range.
  • Adrenaline Producing Realism - 125 dB explosion with muzzle flash and retort
  • Working exclusively with the Smokeless Range® Video Scenario add on – and can work remotely with any other add on.
  • Portable unit – available to use with Laser Ammo reactive targets, CQB and more.


Package includes:

  • The gunSHOT Box
  • Durable hard case
  • 2 Key Fob Remotes
  • Laser-Ammo USB interface and remote trigger system
  • 3 year warranty
  • Power: 110VAC/60HZ, 14' Cord