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Product Image Competitive Shooter Pro

Competitive Shooter Pro

$ 499.00

Competitive Shooter Pro


Best Competition Software

What would it be like to be able to practice the exact stages of a major upcoming match? Now you will find out!!!

An all-new software release from Laser Ammo will revolutionize stage designing and match building for the competitive shooting sports.  Competitive Shooter Pro (CSP) comes with a free editor that allows the user to create, use and share competition stages for multiple different disciplines such as USPSA, IDPA and IPSC.  You can design and print stages for a matchbook or use the 3-D editor to do “walk throughs”.   The Smokeless Range® Simulator with the CSP software add-on allows you to create and upload the stages and actually practice them with our recoil enabled training pistols or other laser-based firearms that are compatible with our Smokeless Range® simulator.   An online file sharing repository allows users access to previously built and/or approved stages so MD’s can pick and choose stages to build an entire matchbook in seconds.   

Not sure if you will like it? Get a free 2 week demo and try it before you buy it!  Reminder, the 3-D editor is FREE for all to use, whether you have the Smokeless Range® simulator or not!